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Due to private developments and the rise of Artificial Intelligence in 2023, all previously offered services will be put on hold. True to the motto 'Innovate or Die,' the next weeks and months will be dedicated to reorientation and restructuring of the creative agency. Updates and announcements will be available on Instagram.
Marvelous is an entertainment project with various formats based on the productions of 'Marvel Studios' and other Marvel topics. The project has been running on YouTube since 2014, since 2022, content is also be published on TikTok. The production includes the development of scripts, hosting, all elements of classic A/V production and subsequent marketing.



CABSMEDIA ist eine kleine Kreativagentur in Nürnberg mit viel Leidenschaft für Design, Marketing und Content Creation. Egal ob Sie eine kreative Meinung oder Hilfe mit Ihrem Projekt benötigen, gemeinsam finden wir die passende Lösung!

Rennweg 18, 90489 Nuremberg
hello@cabsmedia.de — +49 172 8525502